re-probate("prove to be worthy")

n. 「If you describe someone as a reprobate, you mean that they behave in a way that is not respectable or morally correct. (OLD-FASHIONED)



n. the official proving of a will as authentic or valid in a probate court.


Blacklisted Me - Reprobate Romance








v. [to scold or correct usually gently or with kindly intent ]





n. [Reproof is an expression of disapproval]

  ex. When you scold someone for bad behavior, your scolding words are an example of a reproof.











n.  [Reptiles are a group of cold-blooded animals which have skins covered with small hard plates called scales and lay eggs. Snakes, lizards, and crocodiles are reptiles.]


字源:rep是爬的意思(to crawl, creep),ite是指小東西


ps1. surreptitious [Surreptitious describes something that is done in secret or that is kept quiet.]

ps2. herpetologist \ˌhər-pə-'tä-lə-jist\


她her, tolerant











adj. [resembling or having the characteristics of the reptiles ]

   ex. reptilian science,

   ex. reptilian man











v. [ to repudiate is to refuse to have anything to do with or to reject in a public way. ]

  ex. to repudiate a son

  ex. to repudiate a claim


 also see abjure


Why Would Mitt Romney Repudiate Massachusetts Healthcare to Run for President?










repugnance  [rɪ'pʌgnəns]


n. [strong distaste, aversion, or objection; antipathy.]

  ex. We also recognize the moral repugnance that many have with the killing of animals for food



also see: p.252 and 385




repugnance (2).jpg repugnance.jpg










adj. [a feeling of strong opposition or dislike; abhorrent]

  ex. I find his racist views totally repugnant. 我十分厭惡他的種族主義觀點.











v. [to produce a feeling of aversion or distaste]

v. [ to drive or beat back : REPEL ]

v. [to reject with coldness or discourtesy:]



ps.1 在香港,repulse bay 就是"淺水灣"唷~

ps.2 repel









n. [Physics:  the mutual action by which bodies or particles of matter tend to repel each other]

  ex. The high kinetic energies are needed to overcome the repulsion of the two positive nuclei.

  ps. 磁鐵

n. [ strong dislike, distaste, or aversion; repugnance]












n. [what is generally said or believed about the abilities, qualities, etc of sb/sth ]

  ex. a school with an excellent, enviable, fine, etc reputation










v. [be generally said or considered to be sb/sth ]

  ex. He is reputed as/to be the best surgeon in Paris. 他是公認的巴黎最好的外科醫生.

n. [=reputation]

  ex. know sb only by repute 對某人僅聞其名聲










n. [the act or an instance of asking for something ]

  ex. facebook 中的 friend request.

v. [ act of asking for sth in speech or writing]

  ex. make repeated requests for help







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