v. [to place again; restore sb to a previous position]

  ps. If you reinstate someone, you give them back a job or position which had been taken away from them.

  ex. The governor is said to have agreed to reinstate five senior workers who were dismissed. 

  ps. To reinstate a law, facility, or practice means to start having it again. 

  ex. There have now been 139 executions since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976.






v. [say or do (sth) again or repeatedly ]

  ex. I want to reiterate that our traditional party is very important.


 ps. 像program中的loop, ex. for, while, do while ....

  for(int i=0; i<20; i++){cout <<"Hello world~";}


ps. itinerary (p.280)







v. [feel or show great joy ]

  ps. If you rejoice, you are very pleased about something and you show it in your behaviour.

  ps. Katherine Jenkins(mezzo-soprano)的專輯 rejoice


(Lyrics is here)






re-juven(young)-ate    ps. juvenile

v. [to make young or youthful again ]







v. [fall back into a previous condition or a worse state after making an improvement ]

  ps. If you say that someone relapses into a way of behaving that is undesirable, you mean that they start to behave in that way again.

  ex. to relapse into unconsciousness.

  ex. to relapse into smoking twenty cigarettes a day.

n.  [act of relapsing, esp after partial recovery from an illness ]







v. [give an account of (facts, experiences, etc); tell]

  ex. to relate the events of the last week.

  ex. She related how this thing happened.

v. [to have relationship or connection ]

  ps. relate A to B

  ex. the readings relate to his lectures.


Etymology: 1530, "to recount, tell," from L. relatus, from re- "back, again" + latus.
    Meaning "to establish a relation between" is from 1771.
    Sense of "to feel connected or sympathetic to" is attested  from 1950, originally in psychology jargon.

How do tsunamis relate to Earthquakes







n. [the act of relaxing or state of being relaxed ]

  ex. Relaxation techniques are taught in hospitals in order to help all sorts of conditions.


Relaxation music


In the physical sciences, relaxation usually means the return of a perturbed system into equilibrium. Each relaxation process can be characterized by a relaxation time τ. The simplest theoretical description of relaxation as function of time t is an exponential law exp(-t/τ).







re-leg(to send)-ate

v. [dismiss sb/sth to a lower or less important rank, task or state]

  ex. I have been relegated to the role of a mere assistant.

  ps. If a team that competes in a league is relegated, it has to compete in a lower division in the next competition, because it was one of the least successful teams in the higher division. (BRIT)





**leg == appoint, send     L. legare = send


 legate   n.使節(羅馬教皇的使節)
 delegate   n.代表、會議代表  v.委派...為代表  [de- = dis-]
 relegate   v.貶謫、放逐                            [re-做back解]
 legacy   n.遺產   [前人所send之物]









v. [decide to be less strict, determined or harsh ; become less intense ]

  ex. Afterwards she relented and let the children stay up late to watch TV. 後來她寬容了些, 讓孩子們晚睡看電視

  ex. The rain relented just long enough for me to go shopping.

  ps. You won't relent
       Until you have it all
       My heart is Yours


You won't relent - Jesus Culture- with Lyrics

ps. lenient adj. [Inclined not to be harsh or strict; merciful, generous, or indulgent]  ps.289





adj. [Something bad that is relentless never stops or never becomes less intense. ]

  ex. Relentless heat of the desert sun (i owe it all to you - - eva avila)






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