v. [recover from illness, exhaustion or loss, etc ]

  ex. He is still recuperating from his operation.


  記:re + cure(治療) + ate

Rest and recuperation when building mental strength. Iain Abernethy gives you clear guidance on discovering the mental strength inside you.











v. [to buy back ]

  ex. I redeemed my watch from the pawn shop. 我把手錶從當舖裡贖回來了.

v. [obtain the freedom of sb, esp by payment]

  ex. redeem hostages from captivity

  ps1. The acting was not good enough to redeem the (awfulness of the) play.

ps. ransom n.贖金 p.392

etymology: from the French rédimer, which means "to deliver," from Latin for "buy back"


How To Redeem an iTunes Gift Card










redemptive    /rɪ'dɛmptɪv/

adj. [of, relating to, or bringing about redemption]

  ps. In Christianity, a redemptive act or quality is something which leads to freedom from the consequences of sin and evil.

  ex. ...the redemptive power of Christ.










v. [to change the course or direction of ]

  ex. Traffic will be redirected to avoid downtown.

  ex. Visitors to the old Web site address are redirected automatically to the new one.













n. [altering the distribution of]

  ex. The government redistributed the land to the settlers.


Redistribution of wealth (wiki) 











adj. [smelling strongly of sth ]

  ps. People used to use redolent of something with a strong, distinctive odor.

  ex. a room redolent of rose





 doleful    adj.悲傷的     [dole = pain]

indolent   adj.懶惰的     [feel no pain]


redolent  adj.芳香的     [拆法特殊:red=re-加強語氣,ol源於拉丁的olere=odor]













adj. [to be feared and respected; formidable ]

  ex. There is a new biography of the redoubtable Winston Churchill.


    doubt  n/v.懷疑、不確定
 redoubtable  a可怕的、可敬畏的 [ that is to be feared; formidable.]


doubt 原義是指"to have to choose between two things",而演變成hesitate, waver in opinion,後還doubt還發展出有fear害怕的意涵,是由中世紀的法國傳到英國去的。例如:redoubtable的doubt解釋成fear.











v. [to set right]

  ex. The union organizers wanted the company to redress the fact that workers weren't getting lunch breaks.

  ex. redress an injustice, an abuse, etc 糾正不公的現象﹑ 弊端

n. [thing that redresses]









red(again)-unda(wave)-ant     ps. water

adj. [exceeding what is necessary or normal ]

  ex. The illustration had too much redundant detail

  ps. (of industrial workers) no longer needed for any available job and therefore dismissed










n. [ state of being redundant]

  ex. a high level of redundancy among unskilled workers 非熟練工人的大量裁減


Redundancy Employment Rights










n. 蘆葦

n. 簧片(如雙簧管﹑ 低音管﹑ 單簧管中的) clarinets, saxophones [a thin elastic tongue (as of cane, wood, metal, or plastic) fastened at one end over an air opening in a wind instrument (as a clarinet, organ pipe, or accordion) and set in vibration by an air current]


Build a Reed Instrument out of a Drinking Straw Part 1










n. [a strong or disagreeable fume or odor]

  ex. couldn't see through the reek of smog and smoke surrounding the steel plant











n.捲軸 [cylinder, roller or similarly shaped object on which thread, wire, fishing line, photographic film, magnetic tape, etc is wound ]

v. [wind (sth) on or off a reel]

  ex. reel the line  out










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