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adj. 冗長的, 羅唆的 [(of a speech, writer, etc) using too many words and so boring to listen to or read]

  ps. wordy, verbose, long-winded

  <>pithy (p.360)


字源:from L. prolixus  "extended," lit. "poured out," from pro-  "forth" + base of liquere  "to flow"









n.冗長; 囉嗦

  ex. Its prolixity kept people from going to church.









n.序言、開場白 [ a story的opening, 用於drama, novel, film etc ]

  ps. 《三國演義》第一回:「話說天下大勢,分久必合,合久必分。」

  prologue and epilogue

  prologue 就是setup story的介紹

  epilogue 就像One piece 漫畫中的SBS(which tells you what happens after the end of a story)


The Sleeping Beauty Ballet (Tchaikovsky) -Prologue










v. [to lengthen in time]

  c.f. elongate and prolong

  ex. Prolonged exposure to radiation in the air, ground and food can cause cancers.

  ex. drugs that help to prolong life 延年益壽的藥物








promenade   (ˌprɒməˈnɑːd)

pro-menade(L.  minare;to drive animals)

v. [ take a leisurely walk]

  note: 類似的字有 stroll, ramble都可以當作飯後散步的那種走。promenade 顯得是個big word,在口語中不常出現。

  ex. I enjoy strolling in the small park near my school. Rambling in it, I can relax and feel optimistic. (2014 Jan補)


n. [public place for walking, esp a paved area along the waterfront at the seaside]

  note: 因為在海邊散步是一種promenade的動作,所以海岸上供散步的長道叫就promenade.

  note: promenade也指的是一種正式的dance,通常是在指畢業舞會,因為很正式所以舞步像是散步一樣,同常會簡寫成prom.


wiki: promenade des anglais










adj. [standing out so as to be seen easily; widely known; eminent]

  ex. prominent cheek-bones.

  ex. The house is in a prominent position on the village green.

  ex. a prominent political figure


ps. prominent = preeminent= eminent










v. [raise sb to a higher position or rank; help the progress of (sth); encourage or support ]

  ex. She worked hard and was soon promoted.







v.促使或激勵 [cause or incite (sb) to do sth] 

  ex. What prompted him to be so generous?

  ex. The accident prompted her to renew her insurance. 

n. [something that prompts]

  ex. 給予演員﹑ 發言者等的 提詞

adj. 及時的; 迅速的[done without delay]

  ex. a prompt reply


字源:from L. promptus  "brought forth, at hand, ready, quick," prop. pp. of promere  "to bring forth," from pro-  "forward" + emere  "to take"(see exempt).Theatrical sense of "to assist a speaker with lines" is first recorded early 15c.

題外話:Linux 的prompt






promulgate    /ˋprɑməlˏɡet/

v. [to make known by open declaration; publish; proclaim formally or put into operation (a law, decree of a court, etc.).]

  ex. promulgate a belief, an idea, a theory, etc











adj. [having a tendency or inclination]

  ex. prone to fall asleep on long car journeys

adj. [lying flat, esp face downwards]

  ex.in a prone position

  ps. prone and supine.







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